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PEV Entertainment

Maria Valente called out on social media for solutions on interior partitions for her new PEV Entertainment office in Porto, and we hurried to the rescue. With unique dimensions, a customized grid, and a sophisticated sliding door that seamlessly blends the system together, the WP20 partitioning system perfectly fitted the content creator’s imagined project. With a black textured finishing, the project gains color and an enhanced sense of robustness, lightness, and simplicity.




César Moreira Serralharia e Caixilharia, Lda

In this project were used...

The WP20 partitioning system was designed with narrowed face widths for high transparency and light transmittance, maintaining acoustic isolation. The profiles have iron aesthetic and allow to design a customizable grid. It can also be combined with a pivoting door. Thought to fit both living and working spaces.

System Details